Are Video Games Just a Leisure Pursuit or a Sporting Competition?

Are Video Games Just a Leisure Pursuit or a Sporting Competition?

Is there any reason to consider video games to be a kind of sport? The statement seems to be the eternal question. Could you think of a better argumentative essay topic? Well, many students opt for this topic and feel like discussing this issue. However, do not think that it is so easy to uncover the verity in this controversial matter.

Professors may already have some accomplished and even biased opinion relating to the theme of video games. In fact, this happens because of the negative association with procrastination and poor progress of their students. Therefore, the main goal you should pursue is to bring them around. The only vital things here are your evidence and the way you will prove your claims.

What Is Currently Happening to the Status of Video Games?

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Going ahead, you need to dig deeper to get to know if computer games are already considered to be sport. The actual situation and the up-to-date events have a great meaning may serve as a support for your arguments.

Find out about eSports and the contests they organize. Well, many clubs are involved in these encounters that follow a set of clearly established rules and obligations, and, of course, the winners are rewarded. The structure of these contests strongly resembles sports tournaments. There are many features of professional gaming that serve as proof that it is truly a kind of sport. On the other side, sports committees deny admitting the significance of video games. Is there any chance that gaming will join the Olympics?

Supportive Arguments for Recognizing Video Games as a Type of Sport

Here is a list of ideas we have compiled in defense for admitting the seriousness and relevance of computer games:

  • The word ‘game’ itself shows the character of these activities, showing the adversary nature of the process.
  • It is not that essential that a type of sport involves physical activity, for example, chess.
  • It is a nice exercise for the mind, you train your coordination and concentration.
  • Many reflexes are worked out very fast in the process of playing video games.
  • Gaming also requires energy, like any other type of sport.
  • Millions of people around the world are doing this.
  • Becoming skilled in gaming is not that easy task, as it should be polished for a quite long period of time requiring a person’s capability and time. 

Contrary there are some reasons that prove the damaging consequences of video gaming:

  • Many researchers investigate the negative way in which gaming influences people’s psychic.
  • The regulating of video games contests are not that clear and there is no exact and established.

Sure, the listed facts won’t work for you if you’re aiming at convincing your reader, but that is necessary to know the contra argumentation your rival may have.

Once you have researched a situation and decided on the argumentative strategy you will apply for your writing, you can get actually to composing an essay. Do not forget about five paragraph structure of a standard essay, be attentive when reading guidelines.  The manner in which you choose to write should be objective. Finally, you should care about the verity of the facts you tell. As your written piece will be ready, proofread it and be ready to show the World of a masterpiece of an argumentative essay!

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