Pros and Cons of Having a Job Being in College

Pros and Cons of Having a Job Being in College

It’s common knowledge that many students have a job while studying in college. According to data that was collected in 2007, more than 45% of college students have part-time jobs. If you study at college, it means that you are overloaded with assignments, classes as well as other requirements. Therefore, working nearly 40 hours a week will make you feel exhausted or even drained.

On the one hand, having a part-time job causes many problems. On the other hand, it has several pros as well.

Why don’t we study some of them now?

You face with time management while working. Actually, this is the best way to learn how to plan your time in an appropriate way. Why? The answer is clear: you have to balance your studying in order not to get low grades and your work so that you don’t lose your job.

Frankly speaking, it’s not that easy to master a skill of good planning. However, if you have less time and more things to do, you learn to prioritize and make your plan in advance. You know exactly that attending classes as well as going to job are musts. Thus, you should study only at certain hours because if you don’t do that, you’ll have to catch up with the subjects later. As a result, your body and mind get accustomed to this way of life and you become prepared for responsibilities.

The most pleasant moment is when you receive your own money. Now you should consider how to use what you’ve earned. There is a temptation to spend it on brand-new clothes, fast food restaurants, parties, etc. Nevertheless, if you use it wisely, this money could help you a lot in the future. For example, you can start paying off your student loan.

Of course, you won’t earn tons of dollars on the part-time job, but still you can make a difference. Don’t wait until a huge blow comes upon you: think ahead. Personally I was able to pay nearly $6,000 in student loan interest.

Whether you don’t belong to the majority of students who have loans, then you can think about saving money. After graduation, you might want to have your own place and things. Which problem may appear? Yes, you are absolutely right, the financial one. So, take advantage of the working opportunity and save some money for your future needs. In addition, you can spend it on travel!

Have you ever thought that only real experience can help you understand whether you like the “notion” of a career, or maybe you even hate it. Sure, your part-time job might have nothing to do with your future profession, but any employer would take into consideration those valuable skills that you have mastered while working in college.

Now we are going to elaborate on downsides of part-time jobs.

Apart from having too many classes and assignments in college, you should copy with your job. In the long run, you will feel exhausted with no desire to study and develop yourself. You might be overwhelmed.

Another disadvantage is that your social life won’t be that interesting and full of events. Actually, taking part in student life is part and parcel of those golden four years that you are given for studying.

As you see, everything has its upsides and downsides. So, everything depends on your priorities!

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