Achieve Career Success with Job Networking Tips

Achieve Career Success with Job Networking Tips

Very often, when you want to become a successful person, it’s not the matter of what you know, but who you know. It doesn’t mean that education and skills aren’t important in getting ahead. In fact, this is the basis of your success. It just means that networking and excellent communication skills can get you much further than education.

Start networking early and make it a part of your career-related activities. Here are top 5 job networking tips that you need to follow in order to get ahead faster.

Networking for Jobs: Top 5 Tips

People In Your Network

Your career network should include people who can assist you with the career move or job search. They can be your past and present bosses, alumni from college, coworkers, friends who share similar interests or colleagues from different business associations. Your career network can also include neighbors, family and other people who might help you in terms of career growth.

How Your Network Can Help You

Just look at these stats: more than 80% of job applicants state that their career network has helped them with their job search. Don’t think about people from your career network as about those who can only provide you with job leads. They can do much more than that, including giving you the insider information about the companies you’re interested in or relevant facts about the career field that you want to explore.

Keep Your Network Alive

Don’t contact people from your network only when you need something from them. That would be highly egocentric. Keep in touch with your network, provide them with articles and information that might be helpful in or just ask how they are doing. People will be willing to help if they have a story of personal relationships with you.

Online Career Networking

It’s also a viable option thankfully to social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and many others. You can use these websites to get in touch with people from specific companies, or those who share your interests and strivings. In addition to social networks that are accessible to everyone, your college may have a secret alumni career network, that you might have an access to, if you’re a college graduate. When networking with people that you don’t know personally, be very specific in what you’re asking for.

Networking Events

Making networking personal is very useful. In case you’re a part of certain professional association or a number of professional associations, which is even better, attend a mixer or meeting. Many participants of these meetings have the same goals as you and it can be very beneficial to talk with them and exchange business cards. Also, if your college makes alumni networking events, attend them.

Career networking is one of the most important career skills and should be developed by any person, who wants to have a successful career. Use these five job networking tips and you will see that you’re moving along your career path faster than you thought was possible!

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