3 Tips for a Great Essay on Advertising

3 Tips for a Great Essay on Advertising

Currently, advertising is so ubiquitous, people tire of it easily. After all, it is everywhere from apps to billboards outside. Being such a large part of everyday lives, advertising is also a popular topic for college essay. But how do you write a paper on advertising? Here are our top 3 tips:

Focus on a Single Point You’d Like to Make

The most common mistake the first year students tend to make is trying to fit too much into their work. When writing about advertising, one can mention products, companies, suppliers, media, etc. It is not good to put lots of information in one piece of writing. If you want to be more precise and write a more focused, high-quality work, chose a single subject. Forming a well-grounded thesis statement can also assist. Some professors even require you to choose one product before embarking upon an analysis. Be focused and attentive to details to become successful.

Learn more about Your Future Reader of the Ad that You Are Currently Analyzing

Who are the people who will buy the product in question? Does the ad succeed in attracting them? These are the two crucial questions you’ll have to answer. Start by researching. It is easy to understand who buys some products, but it is a lot harder to discern with others. For instance, diapers are definitely meant for babies, but who actually makes the decision to purchase the product. Is it the mother, the father, or the third party? Depending on the answer, the ads should be constructed differently and different techniques should be applied.

Compare Your Advert with other Similar Ones

Many companies produce competing products. They try to capture a bigger share of the market with a range of techniques, including ads. Is the product you are analyzing the most successful? Find out why or why not.

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