Dream Sweet Dream

Dream Sweet Dream

People say that we spend third of our life sleeping. But what’s the exact length of this “third” considering the fact that lifespan of people is different? It was calculated that 24 years of our life are spend dreaming. Just imagine how many useful things can be done during 24 years of existence, but all we do is lying on the bed in an unconscious state! Nah, unfortunately, we don’t have much choice about that, because it’s the natural way to recover and rejuvenate oneself. What can be done? Try to influence the quality of your sleep to get the most out of it. Let’s take a more detailed look on this matter.

Myth About Sleep

Ask people how many hours of sleep do we need to recover ourselves? It is most probable that most of people will tell you that it is necessary to sleep from 8 to 9 hours per day to recover oneself. According to the latest research, it’s nothing but a myth and you don’t need more than 7 hours of sleep per day. If you want to switch from 9 hours of sleep to 7 hours of sleep – it won’t be an easy thing to do, because your body got used to certain schedule and it will need some time to adapt to the new one. Continue reading

Religion in Schools: Yes or No?

Religion in Schools

It’s a common knowledge that religion is a world-wide phenomenon. It plays a massive role in the lives of people all over the world. Many families raise their children according to their religion. The want them to know and respect their religion, just like they do. So it’s not surprising that they want educational institutions to continue religious education of their children. However, the problem is that one school may accept the representatives of several religions. Such a situation can negatively affect children’s school experience by dividing them into religious majority and minorities and stirring discrimination. That is why educational systems of progressive democratic countries are based on the opinion that religion and education should be separated.

Representatives of any religion, as well as not religious people, should have equal access to all the levels of education. In order to avoid conflicts, we should not allow education and religion interfere. Instead of teaching children religious doctrines, schools should be teaching them tolerance and open-mindedness. Moreover, there are specialized educational institutions for people who seek religious education. Continue reading

Eating Disorders among University Students

Common Eating Disorders
Living in a university campus, you may either develop healthy habits you will stick to for your whole life, or breed bad ones that you will have to overcome at some point. One of these bad habits can be unhealthy eating that may result into developing an eating disorder. A survey held by a reputable association has shown that about 20% of university students suffer or have suffered from an eating disorder. Since this is quite a high number, it is necessary to take measures and educate university students on eating disorders treatment and prevention.

Most importantly, every student suffering from an eating disorder needs to know that he/she should not be ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it with others. He/she should ask for help whenever needed to avoid possible negative consequences. To be enlightened of the nature of the commonest eating disorders and know how to aid yourself and other people, read on the info below. Continue reading

Why Education Is Important?

Why Education Is Important
It’s not a secret that the vast majority of students don’t like the idea of studying. Nevertheless, education has a lot of benefits and has only the positive impact on our life. Education refers to the process of imparting knowledge to an individual. However, in real life, it seems to be more about drawing out a person’s hidden true potential. The world doesn’t need just literate citizens, but educated ones too. So, what’s the difference and why education is important?

  • ‘Knowledge is power’ – Francis Bacon
  • It is not just about classes in college and notes in textbooks, and it is not just a piece of paper. Education is about the valuable lessons of life that give us vital knowledge of the world and skills how to change ourselves to become better. Time spent in college helps you master both basic and advanced skills.

    Education develops in students a perspective of looking at life. It not only keeps our brain active but also helps us build opinions on different things in life. Knowledge through education is extremely important to shape our personality and enhance our behavior and relationships with the others. Continue reading

Easy Way Regarding Learning English

Learning English

Being a student, you understand that studying is your personal responsibility. Learning English is considered one of those responsibilities that concern exchange and international students. Maybe you have already heard about such learning methods that can help some people while do not work for others at all. What studying method should you choose? The best recommendation would be finding out the method that is the most suitable for your personality. So, get to know which type of personality you are and take the advantage of those learning techniques of studying English that are appropriate for your character.


Perceivers are usually quite spontaneous. It’s no secret that they prefer going-with-the-flow and would rather not follow the structure. In fact, course structures and learning memorization may be very hard for them. Thus, a perceiving type of students ought to take into consideration the following suggestions:

  • Don’t procrastinate and try to study for some time with deadlines in order to develop time management skills;
  • Continue reading