What Students Choose After College?

What Students Choose After College

“What should I do next?” is, perhaps, the most frequent question we ask ourselves during the life. It is especially important when it comes to the contemplation of our job plans. How to earn a fortune in order to pay a college loan as soon as possible, how to meet your parents’ expectations and make the surrounding be proud of you, where to find your dream job with a good salary… All these and many other worrying issues make us feel scared when we start our after-college/university path and create a real hardship for graduating students.

Though, there is no need to panic, as there are always solutions to any situation. If you still have no idea what next step should be taken, look at the bright side and evaluate that huge variety of options with positive attitude, which will make your future choice less problematic. After-graduation period isn’t the end of the best years of your life, but the most flexible time to travel, to learn, to experience, to discover. So, what are the options for the upcoming school-leavers? Continue reading

7 Productive Things You Can Do in Summer

7 Productive Things You Can Do in Summer
Summer is right around the corner, and many of us are already making some exciting plans. If you still have no inkling of what your summer will look like, it might be a nice opportunity to do something productive over these 3 months. Here are a few ideas of fun and useful activities you should look into.

Hone Your Photography Skills

You don’t have to sign up for professional photography courses to develop this skill. Summer is the perfect time to take photos of everything surrounding you, so use this chance and have fun with it. You don’t have to invest into a professional camera, since you’re not going to make a career out of it. Just take it as an opportunity to step up your Instagram game.

Morning Exercises

We all know about the benefits of regular morning stretches, but during the school year it’s really hard to make yourself crawl out of your bed early and work out. Not in summer though. Since you don’t have to wake up early on a daily basis, you can fully enjoy morning yoga and you’ll shortly notice how this habit makes your whole day better. Continue reading

Top 10 Way to Deal with a Mean Professor

Top 10 Way to Deal with a Mean Professor

In the ideal world professors are role-models who set an example of inner values and behavior. Unfortunately, we aren’t living in the ideal world. Even with best classes and being a part of the best educational institution you can’t be sure that you won’t come across a crazy professor. In case you already messing with one, here are top 10 ways to deal with a professor that you don’t like.

Know your Professor

Listening to the opinions of others is useful, but in case with professors, you’d better rely on your own experience. If you enter the classroom with prejudices against your professor without even knowing him or her, chances are that you can become the source of problems. Continue reading

Teacher Student Interaction Guide

Teacher Student Interaction Guide

Comparing to High School College is a completely different planet. It has its own philosophy and environment. Beside your classes, you need to study a lot more vital lessons to become a winner. One of those lessons is communication with your professors. Unfortunately, people are subjective creatures. Once, you haven’t got on with your teacher, and this situation may affect the whole course. Sometimes it is easy to interact with teachers, sometimes not. We offer you a short guideline that will help to solve your academic issues.

How not to Awaken the Dragon: Tips for College Students

Growing up Is a Hellish Work

You need to understand that college is your training before the real life. Difficult tasks, tight deadlines and inflexible professors – that’s what you have to go through to learn something. It’s not about teacher-student relationship, but about reaching your potential and learning to work hard. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Having a Job Being in College

Having a Job Being in College

It’s common knowledge that many students have a job while studying in college. According to data that was collected in 2007, more than 45% of college students have part-time jobs. If you study at college, it means that you are overloaded with assignments, classes as well as other requirements. Therefore, working nearly 40 hours a week will make you feel exhausted or even drained.

On the one hand, having a part-time job causes many problems. On the other hand, it has several pros as well.

Why don’t we study some of them now?

You face with time management while working. Actually, this is the best way to learn how to plan your time in an appropriate way. Why? The answer is clear: you have to balance your studying in order not to get low grades and your work so that you don’t lose your job. Continue reading